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Preschool or play school can often be a child’s first experience away from home and mom. Both can be scary and daunting for both children and parents. On the other hand, some kids are truly enthusiastic and more than ready, often forgetting to glance back at their parents too. Starting the era of pre school marks the beginning of a new phase in a child’s development and most often parents are more perplexed trying to decide what has to be done in order to make this journey as smooth and interesting for their wards. The best preschool in Al Qusais or Al Nahda helps in preparing your child for all his or her preschool challenges.


You being the parent must decide what you feel are best for your child. Your child may or may not make new friends. He or she may or may not like the new change. They may not welcome the idea of a preschool. How should a parent make the transition as efficient as possible? Emotionally preparing yourself and your child might take more time and effort than what was thought. Let’s discuss a few ideas to help ease this troublesome phase.


Visit the play school premises and have a meeting with the teacher.

Visiting the selected preschool and having a casual chit chat with your care provider a few days before officially enrolling will enable the child to look forward to coming forth. Visualising toys and colorful furniture can help a young mind see the excitement in his impending change.

Read a few books to the child

Reading a few books to the child wherein smaller fictional children go off to school and meet other children and socialize. This will create an imagination in the young mind and thereby help in introducing the topic.

Using pretend play to explore the ideas of preschool

Taking turns being the parent, child and teacher all rolled in one. Act out routines like saying goodbye to mommy, singing songs, reading stories, taking naps etc. Reassure your child that a preschool is a good place where she or he will have fun and learn.

Listen to your child’s worries

Your child may also have a few questions in mind unable to form them in proper queries.The best preschool in Al Qusais or Al Nahda has compassionate teachers and caregivers who will guide you at every step of your maiden journey with preschools.

Practice separation for a limited period

Practicing separation for a short period to ensure both you and the child feel ok with a few trials. This will give the child the confidence that you will return.


Tell your child it’s okay to be afraid, and that there are adults to help her at any given time. Promise her you will pick her up after a certain activity –like after the last event at school (ex. after the last book reading)

Focus on your child.

Make the whole experience as fun as possible. Phone calls can wait. Other conversations can wait. Give your child your full attention on the way to school. Never give an opportunity for the child to feel playschool is chosen because you need time off him/her. Sing school friendly songs on the way. Be excited and happy for your child.

Don’t linger. Just leave.

When it’s time to say goodbye, keep them short and sweet. Give a warm hug and trust your child in the trusted hands of your teacher. Even if the child is crying, it’s best to leave than linger. Most probably, the crying will stop in minutes after you leave.

It’s not an easy decision or action for both the parent and the child, but with these tips, it sure can be made easy and memorable. The best preschool in Al Qusais or Al Nahda offers top class service and the safety and well being of your child is guaranteed.


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