A play is an insignificant part of a child’s first years. As they grow up wondering about the world and exploring how things work, play becomes their best means of discovery. They understand the world and how things work in their own little ways through play. Much emphasis has been laid on researching the importance of play as well learning through play. Approach the best nursery in Dubai for an in depth understanding of how play schools work.

During play, children develop a plethora of skills in combination with cognitive skills, physical coordination, and communication and language exposure as well as social and literary information. For example, a child involving in pretend play works on cognitive skills. Pretend play of a scene in a supermarket works up a child’s cognitive skills by adding things they want to the cart and by taking away the things they don’t want. It exercises activities wherein their understanding of a supermarket and its functioning is gauged. Playing along with the children and following their lead will help develop their social skills and help create a shopping list, which will thereby help with literacy skills as well.

Often parents and guardians facilitate play both in and out of classroom settings. The focus should primarily be on learning that happens during the play and that’s what should be the main motive while looking for the best nursery in Dubai. An activity might not always need to meet a goal or standard; instead, think about what learning can come out of it for the child or children in question.


Most activities naturally explore domains that can pave ways for teaching skill sets. Explore the concept of loud and quiet music and their differences while banging pots and pans.

Free play without any agenda of learning is equally important as well. Offering children choices in activities they prefer to do will enable caregivers and guardians to assess where interests of children lay. Teachers experienced in handling young children and opening their world to learning through play is a parent’s or well-wishers dream. Such efficient teachers can be found at the best nursery in Dubai.

Children must be allowed to play in both indoor as well outdoor settings. Different settings and ambiances provide different opportunities and realms to explore for the tiny tots. Playing in different settings will teach entirely different skill sets.

Even though every act of the play is valuable and educative, the more independent the play, the more valuable it becomes. Discourage learning through playing digitalised media and stick to more conventional real time play for a better overall development.

Do a detailed study and ask around. Look out for the best nursery in Dubai for your child where learning is emphasized through play and an overall development is encouraged. Such an ambiance will be the best atmosphere for your little one, considering this will be their first exposure to the outside world, beyond the four walls of the home. Teachers and caregivers will, in turn, become their additional set of parents, paving the way for a lifetime of education and learning.

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