FAQ for Circle Time

What curriculum do you follow at your nursery?

At Circle Time, we follow the Montessori Preschool Program. The Montessori preschool classroom is a “living room” for children. Our Terms are theme based and topics are chosen as per the age group the child falls in.

What is the maximum number of children allocated to a classroom for my child’s age group?

The maximum amount of children for each age group varies upon the age of your child due to the level of attention that they require. Buds ( 2yrs – 3 yrs) class accommodates 10 children and Blossoms ( 3 yrs – 4 yrs ) accommodates 15 children.

When selecting your staff, what criteria is important?

The process of selecting staff here at Circle Time is very important to us. Command of the English language is paramount as well as educational background.

Are your teachers appropriately qualified and do they have relevant experience with the age group they are working with?

All staff are appropriately qualified before joining our team.

How many classroom teaching assistants are dedicated to my child’s age group?

All classes have one teacher and two assistant

Why choose CT?

Our Preschool and Playschool provide the proper stability through our well-qualified and experienced teachers who take time to know your child. Our staff continually make efforts in preparing the proper lesson plan ensuring that they are always providing “Best Practice “for our children. Observation-based reports are provided to parents, giving an update on the child’s progress and development. Our staff is qualified to evaluate your child’s overall development (physical, emotional / social, cognitive and language) and refer you to a specialist if needed.