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Children complaining of stomach-ache that appears right before hitting school and magically disappears once they stay home. Throwing a fit just before school time. Are you in recognition of these signs and symptoms but do not know what to do? When a child refuses to go to school, most parents wonder what they are doing wrong. If you are among them, then fret not. You are not alone. Studies show that 20% of all school children show refusal signs at any given point during their school tenure. It is, however, imperative to understand what it is that lies behind this and is important to get to the root of the issue. The best play school in Dubai deals with all issues with ease and elan and our aim must be to approach them for our children.

In most nuclear and first-time parent families, a child refusing to go to playschool or even school is a major crisis that disturbs everyone. There is no casual situation when a child says “I’m not going “ and the parents simply play along with an “ok”. Almost always there is crying, screaming, pleading and panic. Giving in to your children may actually seem worse than dealing it. At the same time, lax attendances are not encouraged from the play school or school authority, leaving the parents as well as the concerned child in a tough spot. If you face a tense situation where your child is crying inconsolably and you are in a fix, read on to find out what are the key areas why your child may be refusing school.

1-Social phobia and separation anxiety: – For a first born in a nuclear family, and even other wise, their first exposure to other kids in a setting where parents are not around is their first stint at a playschool or nursery The very thought might be intimidating for a young child.

2-To attain simple rewards out of school spectrum: – Something as simple being able to watch cartoons or play games outside of school time.

3-Simple yet hidden reasons in school affecting the young mind: – Sometimes something as superficial as the tone of a teacher or mild intimidation by other children might be haunting the young child.

More often than once it might be a combination of these factors. Let’s have a look at how the situation can actually be dealt with. The best play school in Dubai is adept at handling all child related issues and will help you make the transition with ease. However, read on to find what one must do with a crying, wailing child.

1- Make sure there is no physical illness

It is important to make sure the child is genuinely healthy and not faking a fit or tantrum. In a few odd cases, children most likely do have a health issue like a cranky tummy. This needs to be ruled out by positive reinforcement. Take the child to a physician and make sure he or she is fine. If the crying happens everyday just at the point of separation or moment of truth at the school bus pickup and magically disappears when the time is past.

2Never gives in.

A hard-wired response in humans of any age in the scenario of a scary scene is to either run or fight. Giving in just on the basis of crying is the worst thing you can do to your child. Avoiding a situation means running away and that is exactly what is reinforced in a young mind when you give in. Giving in is fine for illnesses, sleepless nights but not for anxiety disorders. Try to be remaining as unemotional as possible. Let rush not precede the morning chaos. Try to settle everything else as well as possible.

3-Have a word with the teacher in front of the child:

Speaking to the teacher or in charge in the presence of the child positively reinforces that everyone is working as a team and gives a message to the child that both parents and teachers are collectively working together.

A crying child early in the morning disturbs parents beyond expression. It drains both the parent as well as the child. However, it is imperative that a parent does not give in without proper assessment. If no physical ailment is present, almost always the crying will cease in moments after you leave. Your presence and lingering at the point of separation will only add on to the pile. Discuss with the child how his or her day went after they return and reward them in small simple ways for completing their school time. The best play school in Dubai reinforces the fact that facing a situation in their own little ways is the first step towards reality.Positive reinforcement that running away from a situation will not help, will instead be one of the best lessons a parent can impart at that tender age.

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