Choosing Appropriate Toys for your Preschool Classroom

Choosing the right type of toys for preschool can be challenging, especially given the broad number of choices available in today’s market, each claiming to be the latest and greatest to assist in child development. This leaves teachers wondering which ones are the best to choose for their classroom. Often there is a lack of resources and funding available for teachers, making it that much more important to choose the right preschool classroom toys that will be useful for long periods of time, holding toddlers’ interest and withstanding daily use.

Age Appropriate Toys

While choosing toys always consider the age range of the children. Infants need very different toys than energetic toddlers or children who may be approaching school age. For instance, young infants are usually more interested in toys they can hold onto, with different shapes and colors. Older infants prefer bigger toys, the ones they can move around with.

Toddlers, on the other hand, begin to experiment with puzzles and other kinds of toys that require more hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Safe Toys

When choosing pre school classroom toys, always choose items that are large enough so they cannot be easily swallowed.Young children often want to explore toys thoroughly, and that sometimes means putting them in their mouths! Hence it is a good general rule to opt for larger-sized toys and components just to be safe.


You’ll also want to look for toys that can be easily washed or cleaned. Consider the ease of cleaning a toy when choosing to include it in your classroom to limit the spread of dirt and bacteria.

Educational Toys

It is a good idea to carefully select a wide range of preschool classroom toys that encourage and support child development in several areas. Pick out toys that will help develop fine motor skills, social skills, critical thinking skills and large motor skills.

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