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If you are a parent of a preschooler, the question of whether or not a preschool is important must have definitely crossed your mind. There are key reasons why a parent should not only be concerned about a young one’s preschool education but be actively involved as well. The best nursery in Al Qusais or Al Nahda offers a one-stop solution to all your preschool needs.What are the key benefits of attending a preschool before school? Let’s take a look.

1-Social development

It is this age that children are first exposed to social gatherings as well as chances for personal bonding outside of the family. They quickly learn how to share, mingle, problem –solve and compromise. Their self-confidence is built and small tasks are helped to achieve without parental inputs like eating their own Tiffin, repacking their bags once the day is done etc.

2-Discipline and behavior management

Children in preschool learn how to be disciplined, to raise their hands and take turns. They follow routines, schedules and the imperative waiting when needed. They find answers to their little worries and questions through conversation, experimentation, and exploration. They are encouraged to learn to withdraw from parental separation anxiety.

3-Language and cognitive skills

In a modern multicultural city, children in a class of play school will hail from varying mother tongues. To speak beyond their mother tongue and to enrich themselves in common language environment. New words thought to provoke questions, activities like singing, reading as well as playing give children ample

Opportunities to learn.


Children are introduced to the world of education but in ways that are appealing to their age groups. Learning through picture books, rhymes and chants help them notice distinctive sounds within words. Puzzles, sorting and matching games help them understand sequences and problem-solving. However, preschool is not about achieving academic success but enabling a well-rounded child who explores and questions everything. They lay their first firm steps towards being independent and capable seekers of education.


Independently benchmarking areas of self-sufficient progress like washing hands, using the toilets, finishing their meals and packing their bags enable children o feel proud of their achievements and revel in their own glory. This boosts self-confidence to an unimaginable level.

A quality early childhood education assures children with better behavioral and social skills a child cannot learn at home. The best nursery in Al Qusais or Al Nahda imparts all these qualities in an eager. Teachers further on in kindergarten find it easier to teach a child possessing strong preschool education. Such children perform and showcase better skills in languages, teamwork and a generally positive attitude towards the concept of learning. Preschool education lays the foundation for everything that is built on top of it. Attitude, as well as attitudes that children develop in early preschool years, has a dramatic impact on their success in formal schooling. Unlike yesteryears, today’s children are expected to be more aware of generic concepts like colors and even alphabets before they begin kindergarten. The best nursery in Al Qusais or Al Nahda provides a fresh insight into preschooling ideas and follows a systematic protocol.A fresh and new ambiance and a positive environment make the young child eager to attend further schooling, opening new horizons for his or her thoughts and imagination to run wild.

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