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Circle Time

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Situated in two prime locations in Dubai, Circle time is the perfect abode for boys and girls aged two to four and is the top preschools in Dubai.

At Circle time our approach toward’s a child’s development is all-inclusive and complete. Our philosophy is to give equal weight age to learning and enjoyment which we believe is the key aspect for foundation learning. When this concept is combined with our warm and multi-cultural setting along with our highly experienced staff it forms the right base for a child’s best start.

We ensure your child feels safe and loved during his/ her time with Circle Time. We focus on supporting children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, and guides them to co-operate, negotiate and overcome challenges.

At Circle Time we have clearly established rules and regulations relevant to your child’s care as far as security, hygiene and dealing with emergencies is concerned. We understand that you are giving in our hands your kids who are your biggest assets and we pay high regard for the trust you have in us.

For more details, contact us now https://www.circletimeuae.com/contact-us/